Friday, October 2, 2015

Crafting Crafter: The End.

We'd like to keep this post rather short, as we could go on and on about plenty of things in this post. We have decided to shut down Crafting Crafter this month. On 10/8/2015, the server will be put down.

We appreciate everything everyone has done for Crafting Crafter, from the staff, to the retired staff, to the donors, and all of the regular players that have kept Crafting Crafter going for over 3 and a half years. Our server went on much longer then most servers, but today we have to make this announcement that it will be put down.

I have been running Minecraft servers for over 4 years and after all this time the game is less interesting, and we do not have the time to manage the server anymore, so the staff and I have agreed to move on with our lives and leave behind Minecraft for now. Ninfiniti and I (Lme999) will have complete backups of the server for if any day in the future we decide we have the time to revive Crafting Crafter.

We had large plans for 1.9, including full map wipes for both the survival and faction worlds, but sadly we realized we really don't have the time to manage things like another update.

Website information:
Our donation, Facebook and Twitter pages will all go down along with the server. The website will be forwarded to this blog and the blog will remain here with any updates in the future about the server being posted here. The email will remain active, however don't expect to get responses very often, if at all.

In the future the developers and staff may venture to re-create the server. Information about it would be posted here on this blog.

Thank you for keeping Crafting Crafter a thriving Minecraft community for years,
-Lme, Ninfiniti, and the Crafting Crafter Staff.

PS: You will be able to find me streaming at It would be great to see you all stop by and say hi! You can find my new Twitter page at

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Playtime Winners!

Congratulations to everyone on the top 10 in playtime this month! The top 3 will receive in-game rewards of $50,000 each!

  1. SWORDSLAYER0101 (Winner!)
  2. Clear_San (Winner!)
  3. Ninfiniti
  4. Troy1015 (Winner!)
  5. __Sword
  6. izzyeith05
  7. nysk8ter
  8. SugarFromTarget
  9. Aurosorua
  10. MCSimmer3170
Staff are not able to win playtime.
Since name changes are possible, the names above are the names the players had at the time of this post. If a user changes their name it will not be updated on this post.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Arena Build Off: Winners Announced!

The arena build off has ended, and been judged! The winner of our first teams build off is SugarFromTarget and Osgoodpony!

SugarFromTarget and Osgoodpony's build off plot!

Both players receive their names posted on our contest winners page (, as well as $25,000 each in-game. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this build off.

-Build off judges.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Sale!

Labor day is today, and we have a sale running until the 9th to celebrate it!

You can find everything in our store for 40% off!
You can find the sale at

September update sneak peak:
The September update is coming soon, and one of the things coming along with it is a brand new parkour. This parkour will replace one of the lesser used current parkour maps.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Particle Master Pack

We have released a new package in our shop, called the 'Particle Master' pack!

This new package includes every particle available on the server. You can purchase this instead of the other 4 particle packs to get all the particles faster, and cheaper. Or, the option to purchase one pack at a time is still available.

Find the new package at

August Top Playtime Winners!

The top 3 players this past month who had the most playtime on the server will receive $25,000 in-game!

  1. Homunculus_Envy_ (Winner)
  2. Emergals (Winner)
  3. Thomcdrom
  4. nysk8ter (Winner)
  5. Like17Nerds
  6. __Sword
  7. Genesis57
  8. Hallucinations_
  9. Ninfiniti
  10. Troy1015
Staff are not able to win top playtime.
Since name changes are possible, the names above are the names the players had at the time of this post. If a user changes their name it will not be updated on this post.


Friday, August 28, 2015

The Arena Build Off!

Our next build off is beginning soon! Here is all the information you'll need.

We are happy to say we are hosting Crafting Crafter's first team build off! We have four teams of two ready to compete in this build off.

New warp:
Also new to this build off will be a /warp buildoff, giving all players easy access to the build off plots!

GoodPiggies and iceTheAlchemyst
iForeverSugar and Osgoodpony
Emergals and Vegeta1234
Dwarf_King360 and Like17Nerds
KeriTheAlchemyst and DrMunchy

The theme is a PvP arena. The arena can be any type, and any theme, but it must be a PvP arena!

Contest dates:
It begins on August 30th, (8/30/15) and ends on September 30th, (9/30/15). Contestants have a full month to create, finish and make final touch-ups on the builds.


Rules and notes:

  • Contestants build with their teams, and cannot be given building help by friends or other players. Other players are allowed to give contestants advice on the builds.
  • If the build a contestant submits does not comply to the theme then it will have points deducted from it or be disqualified.
  • All contestants builds will be built on a plot given to them in the big creative world.
  • Builds will be judged the day after the contest ends.
  • All builds will be judged with the default texture pack and no mods.
  • Contestants must NOT copy other players work.
  • For people who have the WorldEdit package, using it is allowed.
If you are found breaking any build off rules you will be disqualified and possibly banned from all future build offs!

Every contestant in the build off has a chance to earn the 'Builder' rank. The winners build will be featured on a blog post and in the 'Photos' section (at the winner is announced. The winning team will also have their names on the Crafting Crafter contest winners page  at The top 2 teams will each receive in-game money rewards as well as other special prizes.

-CC Judges